Dogecoin Maintains Momentum

Elon Musk has told Morgan Stanley analysts that he wants to make Twitter the world’s largest financial institution. Although the process is a long way off and its finale uncertain, Twitter announced yesterday that it will indirectly make stock and cryptocurrency trading available to users. The beneficiary of this news was Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency associated with Elon Musk and Twitter. The likeness of a dog that is the symbol of Dogecoin, recently at the initiative of Musk himself, momentarily changed the well-known Twitter logo.

The platform is set to begin a partnership with eToro and will start sharing price information from TradingView. Musk noted that almost all of the companies that have left the platform in recent months have already returned to it although Stellaantis and Volkswagen are still dangling. Ultimately, Twitter is expected to offer investors a range of functions through travel arrangements to financial services. In China, for example, payments giant Tencent offers payments through its WeChat messaging app. Cryptocurrency investors are hoping that Dogecoin will find its unique place on Musk’s platform. The market is anticipating the next move from Musk, and any news of a possible promotion of Dogecoin payments on Twitter could result in a euphoric bump.

Dogecoin chart, D1 interval. The bulls continue the momentum, the RSI shows the buyers pressure and the price has bounced above the main support – the SMA200 (red line). The most important, psychological resistance zone seems to be 0,10 USD. Source: xStation5

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