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Currency Hedger
Currency Hedger

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Experience In Currency Hedging
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Currency Hedger has been operating in the middle east and europe now, for over 10 years and are part of a reliable, global integrated network.

Our team’s backgrounds include experienced careers in a wide array of industries to leverage various competencies and provide broad market coverage. Let our decades of working knowledge serve you as we seek to build a successful strategic relationship.Whether your interests lie in traditional financial instruments or more complex assets and derivatives, let our experienced team leverage its acumen to assist with your account needs..

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Louis Roche
CEO & Founder of Currency Hedger


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Mission Statement

Dedicated to understanding customer expectations, identifying & developing opportunities that enhance customer supply chain strategies. Our operating philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest level of quality service.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to educate and inform our clientele in-line with our fiduciary pledge.Our certifications and credibility stand for themselves, so why settle for the old business models in financial services?

Company Value

We serve a range of clientele, from experienced Financial institutions and Health & Insurance Firms to Retail & Commercial Entities to multiple SME ventures. Our goal is to educate and inform our clientele in-line with our fiduciary pledge.Whether your business interests lay in traditional financial instruments or more complex industries and other ventures,

Overcoming barriers and obstacles is our team’s mantra and you have the opportunity to be our partner on this journey. The trading and financial services industry is undergoing rapid change as crisis leads to new opportunity. Share in our vision and come join our partnership as we conquer the markets together.

Louis Roche

Chief Executive Officer 

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