Bulk Payments

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The best payment route

We use a payment translation channel to provide the most cost-effective payment routing.
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Competitive exchange rates

Leveraging our panel of 18+ liquidity providers allows us to offer you a highly competitive exchange rate.
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We Handled
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We Covered
International gateways

Access to exceptional bank infrastructures

We offer you access to a suite of 18+ banks whilst only completing one set of KYC documentation for all these liquidity providers.
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Single online platform

Make your international payments and manage your currency balance from one 24/7 secure online platform.
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Amount Sent

We ensure that the amount you submit is received by the beneficiary (excluding recipient bank fees incurred).
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Payment Route

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Payments made quickly and easily

Rely on clear reporting for incoming and outgoing funds across your multi-currency account.

Cost Optimisation

Reduced Risk Management

Real Time Monitoring

Operational Excellence