• Your Company Needs

    Whatever the reason your company needs to send or receive money abroad, we can help you efficiently, securely and cost-effectively. Here are some of the most common reasons why clients use us time and time again – but if you have a specific need, please contact us.


  • Goods And Services

    Exporting Goods And Services

    The slightest movement in exchange rate can affect your business significantly. Invoicing for exports in foreign currency and converting revenue into domestic currency can make all the difference in profits.

    We can help minimise risk and protect your cash flow, whichever countries your company exports to. A Forward Contract enables you to know exact invoice values over the next two years.

  • Importing Goods And Services

    Does your business need to regularly make overseas money transfers, such as to pay for imports? The currency exchange rate being offered could prevent getting the best return on your money.

    With information such as your annual FX volume, currencies you’re trading and frequency of payments, your Currency Hedger account manager will make money saving recommendations and help you devise a strategy.

    Protect your business from potential market risks by choosing options other than repeated Spot Transactions. A Forward Contract lets you fix an exchange rate for up to two years, reducing exposure to market fluctuation and exchange rate changes. A Limit Order allows fast reaction when the particular rate you want to have – or avoid – arises.

  • International Payroll

    Global payrolls can be time-consuming and expensive to manage. As well as ensuring payments are made on time to multiple geographical locations in different currencies, you need to deal with the uncertainty of currency rates and potential risk.

    At Currency Hedger, we transfer salaries with low fees and excellent exchange rates. Our currency hedging strategies help reduce foreign exchange risk – and minimise staff exposure to market fluctuations. Employees can be paid in their home currency without being affected by high conversion costs and transfer fees, such as those charged by banks. Our Regular Payments service ensures that salaries are always made on time.

    Arranging a Forward Contract means your business can secure an agreed exchange rate for up to two years ahead. This protects your bottom line but still allows you to benefit from any favourable movements in the market.