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Digital Advertising Companies - Currency Hedger

FX management for adtech companies


Digital ad spend is booming – and so is the technology that supports it. Whether you’re a publisher, supply-side platform (SSP), a demand-side platform (DSP), ad exchange or ad network, you will have experienced challenges around remaining competitive and profitable. In a landscape that’s characterised by market consolidation, more adtech companies are looking toward currencies as a differentiating factor.

However, not every company understands the potential impact that everyday fluctuations in the FX market may have on their margins. That’s why we still find adtech companies that are:

  • Totally exposed to FX volatility when exchanging funds at the spot rate when payment or collection is due
  • Becoming less competitive by Inflating their foreign prices with FX markups, while remaining exposed to market movements
  • Still facing economic loss despite hedging their invoices to reduce FX gains and losses  

SSPs, DSPs, ad networks and ad exchanges are already using Currency Hedger solutions to maintain their competitive edge.

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Get a copy of The Role of Foreign Currencies in Digital Advertising. Based on real industry insights, we share:  

  • Why using the currencies of advertisers is so important
  • How FX exposure arises and why its impact is often underestimated
  • How adtech companies are (mis)managing their FX
  • Why micro-hedging is the most effective strategy for FX risk

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We are already helping many adtech companies unlock their full FX risk management potential in a safe and secure way.

If you would like to find out how you can improve your FX risk management by applying automated hedging solutions, leave us your details and we will be in touch to prepare your free company analysis.

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While every CEO and CFO knows that they are incurring FX risk when using currencies, many underestimate the potential impact that fluctuations in the market may have on their company’s margins.

Our adtech FX specialists understand your industry and are happy to talk to you about how our technology can address many of your business challenges.

Key Benefits for digital advertising companies


Efficient currency management is a game-changer for companies looking to remain competitive whilst maintaining their profit margins. Thanks to advancements in FX automation technology, any company with global reach — regardless of size — can cost-effectively leverage currencies to their advantage.

  • Ad exchanges can set up multi-currency auctions that allow demand and supply players to bid and offer their inventory in their local currencies
  • DSPs and ad networks can offer campaigns to brands and agencies which enable them to bid in their preferred currencies, thereby increasing competitiveness and avoiding suppliers’ FX markups
  • SSPs and publisher networks are able to provide real-time reporting in foreign currencies to the media owners while gaining an extra margin through FX markups.