The Fully Customizable DMAhub Trading Venue



  • Currency Hedger Direct Market Access

    Currency Hedger recognizes that “one size doesn’t necessarily fit all” when it comes to trading and the firm has, therefore, partnered with First Derivatives to create the fully customizable DMAhub trading venue, one that can be seamlessly accessed by both FIX API and GUI.

    DMAhub allows traders the ability to configure their own trading environment with a degree of granularity that is totally unique in today’s markets.

  • Choose Liquidity

    Choose liquidity from a menu of bank, non-bank and ECN price providers.

    Real-time, streaming pricing available in FX, Metals, Energies and CFDs.

    Select your default order type – “FOK”, “IOC”, “GTC”

  • Transparent Order Execution

    Margin-based clients can trade on a “Net Open Position” basis.

    Low latency, transparent order execution via API and GUI.

    Robust, browser-based, HTML5 GUI – No download required.

    Full transaction reporting functionality.

    White Label capabilities – Offer your own branded version to clients.