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eCommerce Companies - Currency Hedger

FX management for ecommerce companies


From sport, fashion and beauty, to gaming, marketing, and publishing, most retailers sell their products or services through different ecommerce channels, including their own websites, apps or via third-party online marketplaces.  

Ecommerce businesses have exploded in recent years, with global retail ecommerce sales expected to reach $4.9 trillion by 2021. Despite its success, we still encounter many merchants that are not leveraging currencies to their full competitive advantage. We often see:

  • Merchants that are not selling in foreign currencies, leading to higher customer friction, shopping cart abandonment and fewer repeat purchases
  • Ecommerce companies that are not using currency accounts to collect funds in local currencies, leading to higher PSP conversion fees and unfavourable FX rates
  • Those that are selling and collecting in different currencies but that are not hedging their FX risk properly.

eCommerce companies and merchants are already using Currency Hedger solutions to unlock new customer segments while protecting their margins

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  • How ecommerce stores and online marketplaces can benefit from embracing currencies  
  • The main FX risk management challenges and solutions that merchants encounter
  • Everything merchants need to be aware of when pricing in foreign currencies
  • And much more…

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We are already helping ecommerce companies like yours unlock their full currency management potential. Depending on the challenges you’re facing, we have a range of solutions to solve your business problems.

If you would like to find out how you can improve your currency collection, easily add new currencies, or improve FX management, just leave us your details and we will be in touch.

Ask the right questions


Ecommerce companies that manage their own FX conversion and embrace efficient currency management can see a decrease in shopping cart abandonment and increase profit margins.

  • Is your PSP making your product less competitive?
  • Are you able to set prices in foreign currencies and generate extra margin?
  • Are you properly managing any FX exposure that you do have?

If not, then our FX specialists are happy to talk to you about how our technology can help.

Key Benefits for ecommerce companies


  • Unlock new customer segments: a multi-currency offering is essential in order to attract global customers and provide a seamless buying experience through to the checkout
  • More competitive prices for global clients: selling in foreign currencies allows your global customers to access better prices by avoiding your PSP’s FX fees or their card issuer’s FX fees
  • Increase your margins: like-for-like settlement allows you to internalise FX conversions and make extra margin when pricing in foreign currencies
  • Manage your FX risk: protect your margins by applying automated FX risk management strategies
  • Avoid unnecessary conversion fees when paying suppliers: use foreign currency revenue to pay your suppliers by collecting in multiple currencies
  • Eliminate online marketplace settlement fees: use like-for-like settlement to avoid FX fees applied by marketplaces when settling into your bank account.