Housed in Equinix’ global data centres in the world’s largest multi-asset class electronic trading ecosystem. The data centres are comprised of a vast collection of robust interconnected execution venues as well as the ability to run multiple variants of operating systems for personalised trading platforms.

By housing all of these servers in groups a massive digital marketplace is created, with lightning fast speed and fibre optic connectivity. The data centres offer proven reliability, availability and technical support, as well as Business Continuity Trading Rooms that provide backup facilities to keep you going,  should primary operations on Currency Hedger five servers go down.

Server Locations

  • New York (NY4)
  • London (LD5)
  • Tokyo (TY3)
  • Shanghai (SH5)
  • Hong Kong

Equinix are the world leaders in digital infrastructure, this being so, Currency hedger has invested in five servers with Equinix. This provides our clients with:

  • Failsafe level of reliability and consistency
  • Staggering low latency
  • Orders sent to the most relevant server depending on what market you are trading in
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS), become your own brokerage

To ensure execution speed our servers are located a close as possible to the most important exchanges, New York (NY4), London (LD4), Tokyo (TY3)