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Food Companies - Currency Hedger

FX management for food companies


Food companies that operate in various markets undoubtedly face FX challenges. These challenges are especially apparent for companies that sell perishable foods, such as fruit, vegetables, meat or seafood. We often see:

  • Companies operating with very tight margins and with external environmental factors which impact their production and profit margins
  • No pre-established orders and multiple producers (sellers) providing quotes which result in aggressive pricing strategies that exert more pressure on margins
  • Highly dynamic markets, requiring companies to continually update prices in order to remain competitive
  • Forecasting challenges for the import and export of products, leading companies to be either over- or under-hedged  
  • Exporters that are applying bulk hedging and other sub-optimal FX strategies resulting in loss of competitiveness, whilst remaining exposed to FX risk
  • Significant use of manual processes which place a high administrative burden on the finance team.

Fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood companies are already using Currency Hedger solutions to protect their margins and automate their FX management

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Leave us your details and be among the first to get a copy of our upcoming report, The New Role of FX in the Food Industry. Based on real industry insights, we share:  

  • How more companies in the food industry are leveraging currencies to gain a competitive edge
  • Why FX risk arises and how it affects different players in the supply chain (including producers, processors and wholesalers)
  • The advantages and limitations of some common FX risk management practices used (e.g. pre-hedging, ad hoc hedging and applying FX markups)

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We are already helping many adtech companies unlock their full FX risk management potential in a safe and secure way.

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Key Benefits for food companies


  • Secure your margins and hedge transactions in real-time while protecting yourself against unnecessary FX exposure
  • Price dynamically and take advantage of FX market movements to be more competitive and generate more revenue
  • Protect your margins by applying business rules that work best for your company to automate hedging and lock-in rates at the right time
  • Provide your customers with a better experience by pricing in local currencies and removing FX conversion costs for the client
  • Automate your hedging processes to avoid operational mistakes and liberate the finance team from manual tasks.