Fx Options


  • OTC Fx

    The OTC FX options market has traditionally been serviced by primary-dealer banks and a small number of inter-dealer brokers. Electronic access to competitive pricing and pre-trade analytics has been limited, until now.

    We offer unique access to OTC FX option liquidity within an established infrastructure. With first-to-market technology and banking relationships that extend over 10 years, we provide a professional and transparent OTC FX options service.

  • Electronic Trading

    Next generation trading interface with multi-period hedging functionality

    Advanced pre-trade analytics, back testing and historical analysis

    Access to independent live FX option market data

    Retrospective pricing of FX options

    Automatic trade suggestions, based on custom hedging requirements

    Solver functionality

    FX option education library

  • FX Option Clients

    Financial institutions seeking competitive pricing, coupled with deep liquidity

    Corporations looking to manage their FX exposure in a more customisable manner

    Commercial FX providers looking to offer innovative hedging strategies

    Retail FX brokers looking for dynamic ways to manage their FX risk

  • Key Features

    Extended product coverage with over 120 tradable FX option types

    Pricing derived from aggregated multi-bank and non-bank price liquidity

    Custom hedging service, tailored to suit passive and active strategies

    Coverage across multiple currency pairs including exotics and NDOs

    Extended tenors to facilitate long-dated strategies

    Dynamic margining