Secure Storage

For first time buyers of gold and silver bullion or those looking to select a new storage partner, there are a number of key benefits that differentiate Currency Hedger Secure Storage:

– Safest Locations Globally

– Highly Competitive Storage

– Direct Ownership

– Full Audits

– Transparency and Accessibility

Over the past 10 years Currency Hedger has assisted clients with the purchase and storage of allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion. In that time we have built a global network of storage, logistics and insurance partners that work with us in safeguarding the gold and silver bullion stored on behalf of our clients.

We have chosen to develop a global secure storage solution since international storage should be seen as part of a prudent geopolitical diversification strategy. While Currency Hedger offers delivery of precious metals in various countries, most of Currency Hedger’s vaulting facilities are located internationally, which could help mitigate any potential future risk that clients’ bullion could be impacted by confiscation risks.

Our partner vaulting facilities are located in some of the safest locations globally including Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. The economies of these countries are strong, they are politically stable and independent, and they have built up global reputations for discretion, confidentiality and financial property rights.

Safest Locations Globally

The second most important decision an Irish buyer faces is how to store their gold. The first is the actual decision to purchase gold. Ideally, investors should diversify across storage locations to minimise event risks such as theft, government confiscation, terrorism, war and natural disasters that might affect one location.

Secure Storage

This may mean keeping a small quantity of gold at home or in a readily accessible location, while storing the majority of your bullion holding in a secure international precious metals storage facility or vault, preferably in a financially stable and politically stable jurisdiction. Currency Hedger has partnered with Loomis and Brink’s, world leaders in precious and valuable storage solutions, to provide fully insured storage services to our clients across a number of international jurisdictions in Switzerland, Singapore, the UK, the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Competitive Storage Rates

Currency Hedger Secure Storage annual storage fees start at 1% per annum and storage fees of less than 1% are available for larger values of bullion stored.

1.00%         <$100,000
0.79%         $100,000 – $250,000
0.69%         $250,000 – $500,000
0.59%         $500,000 – $750,000
0.49%         $750,000+

Storage charges are calculated and accrued daily based on a daily valuation of the client’s gold holding, and then billed six months in arrears at the end of each April and October.
A daily billing calculation means that the storage fee is accurately applied to the changing value of the gold, and reflects the changing gold price over the billing period. This calculation approach prevents large movements in the gold price affecting the bi-annual storage fee, which could occur if the fee was calculated based on just one day’s price.

When a client buys physical gold from Currency Hedger, the initial purchase price does not include a storage fee. Therefore the client defers payment on storage until the first invoice date, which could be up to six months later. For example, if a client buys gold in the first week of May, they only get billed for their first storage fee nearly six months later at the end of October, and so (the client) avoids an upfront storage fee at the time of purchase.

Direct Ownership

Direct ownership of gold means owning actual individual gold bullion coins and/or bars either in your possession or in allocated, segregated and fully insured accounts that you can access easily and quickly take delivery of your gold bullion from.

There is no counterparty risk with direct ownership since the gold bullion is the legal property of you the investor, and should the provider go out of business this does not impact your ownership of, or your access to the gold bullion.

By having direct ownership of physical coins and bars you can sell your bullion back to any number of international bullion dealers. This reduces your dependence on one single provider and also means that you are not dependent on an online digital bullion platform where the gold has to be sold back within that platform.

Full Audits

All client precious metal (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) stored by Currency Hedger at storage facilities in Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, is audited via a tri-party auditing procedure. On a daily basis, Currency Hedger Operations will reconcile client precious metal storage records against the vaulting facility records of the storage provider. If discrepancies are found in the records, these are fully investigated and quickly resolved.