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  • Index

    GER30 German Stock Index. EU50 European Stock Index.  EMISS Emisson Rights Index. SUI20 Swiss Stock Index.  SCHATZ German Bond Index.  BUND German Bond Index.  NED25 Dutch Stock Index.

  • Stock Index

    UK100 UK Stock Index.ITA40 Italian Stock Index.  VIX VIX index.  SPA35 Spanish Stock Index.  FRA40 French Stock Index.  CHNIND China Composite.  HKIND Hong-Kong Composite.  HUNIND Hungarian Stock Index. AUS200 Australian Stock Index.  KOSP200 Korean Stock Index. BRAIND Brazilian Stock Index.  MEXIND Mexican Stock Index. IND50 Indian Stock Index.  RUS50 Russian Stock Index.  TNOTE US Bond Index.  COPPER UK COPPER.ZINC UK ZINC. CZKIND Czech Stock Index.

  • Equities

    Equities DE DE Equity Market. Equities US US Equity Market. Equities ES ES Equity Market.  Equities UK UK Equity Market.  Equities NL NL Equity Market.Equities SE SE Equity Market. Equities CH CH Equity Market. Equities BE BE Equity Market.Equities FR FR Equity Market.Equities PL PL Equity Market.Equities IT IT Equity Market.Equities PT PT Equity Market. Equities NO NO Equity Market. Equities DK DK Equity Market. Equities CZ CZ Equity Market. Equities FI FI Equity Market.

  • CryptoCurrencies


  • Cash

    GER30cash German Stock Index. FRA40cash French Stock Index. ITA40cash Italian Stock Index. EU50cash EU Stock Index.UK100cash UK Stock Index. JAP225cash Japanese Stock Index. CHNcash China Stock Index. HKcash Hong Kong Stock Index. US30cash US Stock Index. US100cash US Stock Index. US500cash US Stock Index. SPA35cash Spanish Stock Index. AUS200cash Australian Stock Index.

  • Veterans

    To veterans of the institutional interbank market, a few of the top crosses hold a distinction as being traded directly on the old electronic networks (EUR/JPY, for example, was directly quoted rather than a calculation of EUR/USD crossed with USD/JPY) but for simplicity, only the US Dollar denominated pairs are typically considered major pairs in online FX communities.

    Many professional traders choose the Yen cross pairs for their notorious volatility. GBP/JPY was often nicknamed “The Beast” for this tendency.

    Through strong institutional relationships, Marketsforu is able to offer extremely tight spreads by even today’s standards on these Cross Pairs.

    As the term “Major” implies, there are also “Minor” pairs, consisting primarily of currencies from developed countries outside of the G8 nations.

  • Leading Minor Pairs

    Currency Hedger offers the leading Minor pairs from Scandinavia including the Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krone plus their relatively popular crosses with the Euro.

    Finally, we have the currencies of emerging economies and other non-G8 countries that constitute the “Exotic pairs” category: