How do I place an order?

All orders can be placed using the trading platform (Webtrader, Android or iOS app).

You can reach the order window in several ways:
1.) Go to your favourites. If there are products added to this list already, you can reach the order window by clicking the buy or sell buttons next to the name.
2.) Click on the Buy or Sell button on the product detail page of the specific product.
3.) Click on the Plus symbol (right upper corner in Webtrader, left lower corner in App), search for product and choose it.

You can also place an order by clicking on the desired price on the product’s pricing chart. It will then automatically open the order window and select a limit order with this limit.

When you are in the order window, you should take the following steps to place an order:
1.) Choose if you want to buy or sell
2.) Choose order type and fill in additional specifications if necessary
3.) Choose the number of units you want to buy
4.) Choose the validity of the order (Day order or GTC order)

Then you click on the button “Place order” and you arrive at a confirmation screen where you see the summary of your order. If you confirm your order will be placed.

If you are not able to place an order via the trading platform there is also the possibility to place an order through the Order Desk by e-mail or telephone. There is an additional cost for this service. Please see the Fee Schedule and Custody Fee Schedule for details.

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