Currency Exchange Solutions for the Legal Industry

Help your clients save time and money on global payments


Any legal practice with a multi-national client base or clients with business or personal interests overseas will be aware of the challenges that foreign exchange can pose. At the moment, worldwide disruption and uncertainty is making the FX market particularly volatile.  

We understand that it can be a challenge for your clients to navigate foreign exchange in addition to their legal requirements and that’s why we partner with legal services providers. Our free value-added service is designed to help strengthen your ongoing relationship with your client base by providing great value, expert FX services.

We work with a number of leading legal practices to support their currency exchange requirements and work in partnership to help their clients save money abroad, whether they are importers, exporters, international retailers, workers abroad or foreign homeowners.

How we help save money on international legal costs


Our specialised International Client Currency Account (ICCA) for legal clients is designed to help law firms reduce their administrative costs and save money on transferring the funds of their international clients.

Whether you are transferring funds for litigation, conveyancing, wealth management, international tax or mergers and acquisitions, our dedicated team of foreign exchange specialists can cater for your every need. We access a pool of exchange rate providers to deliver a competitive rate for each and every transfer you make, working to save you and your clients money. In addition, our foreign exchange tools and mass payment platform allow for us to offer a service tailored to law firms and legal clients of all shapes and sizes.


How we can address the needs of your clients


We create custom partnerships with legal firms and provide your clients with expert guidance on the FX markets and currency risk and specialist tools to make the most of their funds overseas. Your clients can then enjoy competitive rates, often cheaper than high-street banks, as well as access to specialist FX tools as a free valued-added service from your firm.

Your ICCA is easy to set up and has been created to house your administrative needs under one roof, reducing costs and complexity.

How to offer international payment services to your clients


All you have to do is identify clients with foreign exchange needs, explain our service, and refer the client to us. We will take it from there, leaving you to track all referrals using our online platform.

FX solutions


Our team will work with you to identify your individual requirements and be able to suggest products including Spot Contracts, FX Orders, Forward Contracts to meet your foreign exchange needs.

Risk management


Protect your business from foreign exchange market volatility, forecast cash flows and minimise risk with our range of hedging tools. 

Global payment solutions


We provide payment solutions for businesses with local or international requirements, who are looking to simplify the process and cut ongoing costs.