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    Save money whether on major international business transactions or small, frequent payments. For instance, whether importing or exporting, paying suppliers and contractors, paying salaries or because you have offices overseas.




    Currency Hedger can help your business to manage its degree of risk exposure for foreign currency transactions. Our currency hedging solutions help protect your business from possible changes in foreign currency exchange rates, therefore helping you to save money when buying or selling currencies.

    Businesses needing to make international money transfers, for example to pay for imports or for overseas employees’ wages will benefit from Currency Hedger’s currency hedging strategies which help them to make the most of their companies’ money.

    With Currency Hedger, you could place a forward order that will enable your business to secure an agreed exchange rate for up to two years in advance which will protect your bottom line against exchange rate fluctuations or changes, whilst still allowing the business to benefit from favourable movements in the market if these occur.

  • Case study

    A toy manufacturing company has a large requirement for international payments to a euro account over the next year for distribution to its stores based in European countries. With Currency Hedger, you have the option to break the total amount of your exposure in to more manageable portions in order to gain more transparency and monitor your budgeted exchange rate. If the rate at the date of the first trade is unappealing, they can opt to send a small percentage of their required volume to limit their currency loss. As and when the rates move in your favour you will be informed accordingly by your dedicated dealer. The client can then take advantage and secure another portion to cover the remainder of their requirements.

    Our proactive dealers will get to know your business and payment trends and will always endeavour to contact you accordingly. Our objective is to make sure that you have always executed an exchange rate at the right time and more often toward the high of the trading day.




    Minimise risk and maximise opportunity. Secure the best exchange rate today or lock it for the future – or target a rate not yet available. We offer the full range of options: same day transfers, Spot, Forward and Limit Orders.


    You may have specific requirements for your business. We offer a variety of bespoke options to integrate our services into your own website.


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