Save money whether on major international business transactions or small, frequent payments.
For instance, whether importing or exporting, paying suppliers and contractors, paying salaries or because you have offices overseas.

Hedging For Importing Business

Company imports goods. Work with contractors carried out in 9 months contracts for 700,000 US dollars, valid about 60 days under the scheme of payment of the goods at the time of purchase

Financial Hedging For Your Business

Financial hedging is an investment strategy which is aimed at minimizing the level of risk that investors are exposed to. Hedging is a form of diversification, this means that the individual

Currency Hedger Revolutionizing

Revolutionizing how you protect your future foreign income.Currency Hedger provides automated currency hedging solutions for individuals, businesses and institutions that use our technology.

Currency Hedger For Institutions

Currency Hedger products are truly innovative – an intuitive platform, proprietary algorithms combined with a REST API will provide a seamless integration of our white label solutions.Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements

Risk Hedging For SMEs

As SMEs become increasingly active internationally, their currency exposures increase as well. At the same time, currency volatility is increasing due to rising uncertainty and turbulence in the global political and economic environment.

Currency Hedging for Foreign Investment,

Construction, Infrastructure And Private Individuals. 

Trusted By Thousands of Customers. 

Over $10 Billion Transferred.


Same Day Payments For All Major Currencies To Anywhere In The World.

Currency Hedger Gets Your Money Where You Need It When You Need It.


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Our browser-based web platform offers a rich set of features and trading tools to ensure an optimised trading experience.
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Currency Concierge

Our Premier Service is a high end currency transaction service for private high net worth clients.
Whether buying a villa in St Tropez, importing a work of fine art, hiring a private jet or yacht abroad or paying boarding school fees, The Premier Service can take care of all your foreign currency exchange needs.

  • Commodities Trading Commodities 100%
  • Fx & Stock Markets Hedging Stocks 95%
  • Real Estate Property Purchases 100%
  • Private Banks Financial Institutions 100%


Work with contractors carried out in 9 months contracts for 700,000 US dollars, valid about 60 days under the scheme of payment of the goods at the time of shipment to the port. The company is aware of this contract for the 3 months prior to payment.


Save as much as 10% on money transfers compared to banks or high street bureaux. As a specialist currency provider, we offer you bank-beating rates without excessive fees. The rate you book is the rate you’ll get when you make your transaction.


Rest assured all client funds are held in segregated accounts with regulated Banks. We only use banks that are regulated by the FCA and Central Bank of Ireland. We take security very seriously and conduct business in a manner consistent with..


EUR/USD Intraday: Under Pressure.
Our preference:
short positions below 1.1210 with targets at 1.1180 & 1.1160 in extension.
Alternative scenario:
above 1.1210 look for further upside with 1.1225 & 1.1240 as targets.
the RSI shows downside momentum.


GBP/USD Intraday: Under Pressure.
Our preference:
short positions below 1.2485 with targets at 1.2435 & 1.2405 in extension.
Alternative scenario:
above 1.2485 look for further upside with 1.2500 & 1.2520 as targets.
the RSI is bearish and calls for further decline.


USD/JPY Intraday: Further Advance.
Our preference:
long positions above 107.80 with targets at 108.35 & 108.60 in extension.
Alternative scenario:
below 107.80 look for further downside with 107.65 & 107.50 as targets.
the RSI shows upside momentum.

Our SME Centric Solutions

Our SME Centric Solutions

Risk Management

Forward Contracts

Rate Orders

FX Payments

Spot Transactions

Currency Hedger Direct


No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

Unlike banks, we don’t charge transfer fees to send or receive money – making every pound stretch even further. We don’t charge any commission and there are no fees for amounts over £4k. To find out more email:

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