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What is an API

API stands for Application Programming Interface and operates as a digital intermediary which facilitates communications between two applications.
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Find out how API can connect your business

APIs have been increasing in popularity exponentially over recent years and are seen by industry experts as the next revolutionary innovation to disrupt the financial services and fintech landscapes. Our all-encompassing API platform has been developed with the vision of streamlining the payments process for our clients - leaving you with more time to invest into your business.
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How are APIs used in the finance industry

APIs are considered to have the capacity to completely reshape the future of the financial services industry by enabling partnerships between banks, fintech firms and other financial services providers, such as accountants or consultants. This is hoped to usher in a new age of 'open banking' via an ecosystem of interconnected APIs. The possibilities of APIs are truly limitless as they can be used to amalgamate the capabilities of any existing applications such as digital wallets, blockchain or data analytics. The API pulls information from these different channels depending on its purpose and displays everything in one holistic user-friendly interface. APIs are versatile in nature and can therefore be used for a wide array of tasks. We have specifically engineered our API to streamline bulk payments and global payments for our valued clients.
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Secure system

Our secure and reliable platform allows for access into the moneycorp back-end services and removes any delay between your request and the response.
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Our API can cater for an array of requirements, while we offer a payment solution to suit all business models and automate your time-consuming tasks.
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Client Support

Our exceptional client support system is here to assist you and ensure you are getting the most out of your API.

Efficiency with ease

Our API operates in line with your system through efficient machine communications, without human intermediaries, reducing the risk of human error.

Cost Optimisation

Reduced Risk Management

Real Time Monitoring

Operational Excellence