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Our Effective and Comprehensive Hedging Strategies

FX Risk Management, International Payments & Trade finance.

International Payments

Our connections with payment schemes all around the world allow you to pay your suppliers, employees and business partners in the currency that’s right for them and you.

Fx Risk Management
Identify and avert risk in unstable market conditions
Achieve clear budgeting
Protect your profit margins from foreign currency fluctuations.
Trade Finance

Pay as you go: There are no up front or hidden fees, meaning you can use the facility whenever you like without incurring unnecessary costs.Pay your supplier earlier.

Value Added Services

Currency Hedger Offers Various Value Added
Services in Fx Hedging

Aviation Industry

As most transactions in the aviation and aerospace industry are undertaken in US dollars, aviation businesses based in other countries, such as in the UK, need ...

Automotive Industry

Currency Hedger democratises foreign currency hedging through technology. Like any business, importing and exporting motor vehicles is not immune to currency rate Fx) fluctuations.